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A frequent house guest in tropical and sub-tropical regions. This little one (length overall about 10cm) was portrayed in a room in the Mekong Delta,Vietman. Despite the suggestive angle, the picture is taken straight up, so the critter is looking down into the camera. [180mm, F11, 1/15s, ISO100].

The Gecko manages to walk on surfaces (including polished metal and glass) in any orientation it sees fit due to multi-million purposefully shaped hairs on its toes. Amazing as this is, the real fascination for me sets in when you see them run while peeling, and re-attaching their feet about 15 times per second in an highly elaborate movement.

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Keyword tags: Class: Reptilia, Family: Gekkonidae, Fauna, Gecko, Genus: Hemidactylus, House Gecko, Kingdom: Animalia, Lizard, Nature, Order: Squamata, Phylum: Chordata, Reptile, Species: Hemidactylus frenatus, Suborder: Sauria, Mekong Delta, Vietnam, Wildlife, Abstract, ヤモリ科, 壁虎, Gekkonidae