Tutorial on "Mobile Robots"

(Uwe R. Zimmer)

Mobile robots are a motivating and hard test environment for a wide range of methods. The success of each method can be evaluated according to the following criteria, which can be categorised in three fields: An introduction to principal mobile robot problems together with the definition of some common (partly diverging) goals will be the base for the following discussion of recent projects.

Concepts like Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, Behaviour Based Approaches, Expert Systems, 'classical' control theory and others are employed in recent mobile robot applications. A couple of projects representing several directions in the mobile robotic research field will be discussed and compared, according to the 'realword', 'adaptability', and 'cognitive competence' criteria.

Currently a number of links to projects discussed in the tutorial is available. If you're interested in further material please send me a short note.

Discussed projects:

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