Noel Sharkey John Hallam
Computer Science AI Dept.
Sheffield U. Edinburgh U.

An Institution of Electrical Engineers One-day Seminar
Savoy Place, London, UK: February, 12th, 1996.

This will be a one day seminar to examine the most recent developments
in Robot learning. There will a number of international invited
speakers and there will also be opportunities for group (and personal)
discussion at the event.

INVITED SPEAKERS (alphabetical)

Evolutionary Learning in Robots
Dave Cliff (U.K.)

Shaping robots: An experiment in Behavior Engineering
Marco Dorigo (Italy)

Learning subsumptions for an autonomous robot.
Jan Heemskerk & Noel Sharkey (U.K.)

Self-Organization in Robot Control
Ulrich Nehmzow (U.K.)

Toward Conscious Robots
Martin Nilsson (Sweden)

Evolving non-trivial behaviors on an autonomous robot.
Stefano Nolfi (Italy)

Robot spatial learning: insights from animal and human behaviour\\
Tony Prescott (UK)

Learning more from less data: Experiments with lifelong robot learning.
Sebastian Thrun (Germany)

Neural Reinforcement Learning for Behavior Synthesis.
Claude Touzet (France)

A robot arm is neurally controlled using monocular feedback
Patrick van der Smagt (The Netherlands)

Exploration in Reinforcement Learning
Jeremy Wyatt, Gillian Hayes, and John Hallam (U.K.)

Robust and Adaptive World Modelling for Mobile Robots
Uwe Zimmer (Germany)

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Sarah Evans (at above address) or
email: sevans@iee.org.uk