Navigation on Topologic Feature-Maps

IIZUKA ´94, Fukuoka, Japan August 1-7, 1994

Uwe R. Zimmer, Cornelia Fischer & Ewald von Puttkamer

Based on the idea of using topologic feature-maps instead of geometric environment maps in practical mobile robot tasks, we show an applicable way to navigate on such topologic maps. The main features regarding this kind of navigation are: handling of very inaccurate position (and orientation) information as well as implicit modelling of complex kinematics during an adaptation phase. Due to the lack of proper a-priori knowledge, a reinforcement based model is used for the translation of navigator commands to motor actions. Instead of employing a backpropagation network for the central associative memory module (attaching action-probabilities to sensor situations resp. navigator commands) a much faster dynamic cell structure system based on dynamic feature maps is shown. Standard graph-search heuristics like A* are applied in the planning phase.

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