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American Psychological Society (APS) : Includes graduate student services, electronic journal services, software archives, psychology and cognitive science Internet resources.

Amsterdam - Alfa-Informatica

Amsterdam - Computational Linguistics : Research on computational linguistics, musicology, music cognition, and the formalisation of representations in science, graphics and art.

Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)

Association pour la Recherche Cognitive (ARC) / French Association for Cognitive Science

Auditory List : Archives of mailing list for discussion of organizational aspects of auditory perception, and related information on journals, source code etc.

Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) - Neural Networks : Includes research and publications in cognitive modelling with neural networks.

Austrian Society for Cognitive Science (ASoCS) : An interdisciplinary scientific forum for research, talks, and other academic events in Cognitive Science in Austria.

Autism Resources

Bangor - Psychology

Beckman Institute - Cognitive Neuroscience

Bergen - International Computer Archive of Modern English (ICAME)

Birmingham - Cognition and Affect Directory : Research papers by Aaron Sloman, Louise Pryor, Luc Beaudoin and others.

Birmingham - Cognitive Science

Birmingham - Corpus Linguistics Project

Birmingham - Speech and Natural Language : Research papers by Jon Iles and William Edmondson.

Bonn - Insitute of Psychology : Clinical and applied psychology, developmental psychology, general psychology, organizational psychology and research methodology and statistics. Plus extensive lists of psychology conferences, departments and institutes, global online publications with search facility, and other useful external links.

Boston - Cognitive and Neural Systems (CNS) / Center for Adaptive Systems (CAS) : Includes list of technical reports and online publications. Stephen Grossberg and others.

Brandeis - Cognitive Science

Brandeis - Neuroscience : Molecular neurobiology, developmental neurobiology, behavioral genetics, physiology and biophysics of single nerve cells, learning and memory, computational neurobiology, integration of neural function, cognitive neuroscience, human motor control, neurolinguistics, psychophysics.

Brandeis - Volen Center for Complex Systems

British Psychological Society (BPS) : Including links to a large number of BPS journals .

Brown - Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences : Includes links to other cognitive science and linguistics groups.

California-Irvine (UCI) - Cognitive Sciences : Research on language, thought, memory, learning and perception, particularly in the fields of visual and auditory perception, experimental psychology, and mathematical psychology. Links to related groups.

California-Los Angeles (UCLA) - Cognitive Science Program

California-Los Angeles (UCLA) - Life Sciences : Cognitive science, computer science, linguistics, psychology, artificial life, molecular, cell and developmental biology.

California-Los Angeles (UCLA) - Linguistics

California-Santa Cruz (UCSC) - Perceptual Science Laboratory (PSL) : Experimental and theoretical inquiries in perception and cognition. Research in speech perception by ear and eye, facial animation, reading. General fuzzy logical model of perception in several domains, including perception and understanding of language, memory, object, shape and depth perception, learning, and decision making.

California-Santa Cruz (UCSC) - Perceptual Science Laboratory (PSL) - Speech : Comprehensive listing of organisations, research groups and resources in speech perception, recognition and generation, phonology, signal processing, auditory perception, NLP software, speech-related FAQs and Usenet groups.

California-San Diego (UCSD) - Autism and Brain Development Research Laboratory

California-San Diego (UCSD) - Center for Research in Language (CRL) : Also see technical reports by FTP.

California-San Diego (UCSD) - Cognitive Science : Jeff Elman, Jean Mandler, David Kirsh and others.

California-San Diego (UCSD) - Interactive Cognition Lab : Research on software agents, cognitive modelling, interactive and cooperative strategies. David Kirsh.

Cambridge - Natural Language Processing Group

Cambridge - Speech, Vision and Robotics (SVR) Group

Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science (CSBBCS) / Société Canadienne du Cerveau, Comportement et Sciences Cognitives (SCCCSC) : Includes online abstracts of papers presented at annual meetings.

Carnegie Mellon - Artificial Intelligence Repository : Software packages for knowledge representation, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition and synthesis, vision, and many others.

Carnegie Mellon/Pittsburgh - Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) : The CNBC is dedicated to the study of the neural basis of cognitive processes, including learning and memory, language and thought, perception, attention, and planning. The CNBC also promotes the application of the study of the neural basis of cognition to AI, technology, and medicine. Extensive collection of neuroscience WWW links.

Carnegie Mellon (CMU) - Computer Science Research : Research on active perception, SOAR, language and speech, learning, planning, vision and many other areas.

Carnegie Mellon (CMU) - Psychology : Including many links to other universities, journals and organisations.

Chicago (University of Chicago Press) - Linguistics and Cognitive Science Catalogue

Chicago - Philosophy Project - Chomsky for Philosophers

Cognitive Neuroscience Society

Cognitive and Psychological Sciences on the Internet : Comprehensive listing, maintained by Stanford University. Includes academic programs, organizations and conferences, journals and magazines, publishers, announcement lists, and Usenet newsgroups and discussion lists covering cognitive science, anthropology, AI, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy and psychology.

Cognitive Science Society

Cognitive Systems: Integrated and Hybrid Architectures and Algorithms : Resource list, references, on-line bibliographies, other links. Maintained by Vasant Honavar at Iowa State University.

CogPrints Archive : Archive of research papers in psychology, neuroscience, behavioural biology, cognitive science, linguistics and philosophy.

CogPsy Research Projects Database : Links to research projects in connectionist cognitive psychology and cognitive science. Includes facility for users to add their own projects to the database. Maintained by Adriaan Tijsseling at Southampton.

COGSCI - Cognitive Science Discussion List : Allows selective subscriptions to specialised topics, including AI, philosophy, linguistics, psychology, connectionism and announcements (conferences, jobs, lectures, publications). Maintained by Michel Weenink.

Colorado - Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS) : Research and references on HCI, education, judgement and decision-making, social cognition, psycholinguistics, semantics, text comprehension, and other topics. Order form for publications.

Computation and Language E-Print Archive (CMP-LG) : Papers on computational linguistics, natural-language processing, speech processing, and related fields.

Connectionist Models of Cognitive, Affective, Brain and Behavioral Disorders : A discussion and resource list for connectionist and neural network model of disorders associated with mental or brain conditions. Maintained by Greg Siegle at SDSU.

Connexions - A web site for graduate students in cognitive science

Consortium for Lexical Research (CLR) : Archive of natural language resources.

Cornell - Psychology

CTI Centre for Psychology : Aims to facilitate the use of computers within the teaching of psychology. Provides information on educational technology. Online directory of psychology software. Information about Psychology Software News.

Edinburgh - Cognitive Science, School of

Edinburgh - Human Communication Research Centre (HCRC)

Edinburgh - Informatics, Division of : The study of the structure, behaviour and interactions of natural and artificial computational systems.

Edinburgh - Natural Language Processing Group

Essex - Computational Linguistics and Machine Translation Research Group

European Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI)

European Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Engineering (EURISCO)

European Network in Language and Speech (ELSNET) : Links together almost 100 European academic and industrial laboratories doing R&D; in natural language and speech processing.

European Society for Developmental Psychology (ESDP) : Current and previous newsletters, index of book reviews.

Exeter - Cognitive Science

Face Recognition Home Page

FISC (Financement Insertion en Sciences Cognitives) Mailing List - English or French : International mailing list devoted to jobs, post-docs and grants in cognitive science, interpreted broadly to include all disciplines covered by this resource guide. Highly recommended.

French Association for Cognitive Science / Association pour la Recherche Cognitive (ARC)

French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA) - AI, Cognitive Sciences and Man-Machine Communication

Geneva - Institut Dalle Molle pour les Etudes Semantiques et Cognitives (ISSCO) : Research in AI and computational linguistics.

Georgia Tech - Cognitive Science

Georgia Tech - Cognitive Science Abstracts

Georgia Tech - Learning, Language, and Cognitive Science (IGOR) : Research and publications on goal-driven learning, multistrategy learning, robot learning, natural language, case-based reasoning, creative conceptual change, abductive explanation, and cognitive multimedia. Directed by Ashwin Ram.

Georgia Tech - Natural Language and Reasoning (NLR) Research

German Psychological Society / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie

German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) - Computational Linguistics

Grammatical Inference - USA or France : Grammatical Inference (AKA automata induction, grammar induction or automatic language acquisition) refers to the machine learning of grammars. Applications in syntactic pattern recognition, adaptive intelligent agents, diagnosis, computational biology, systems modelling, prediction, natural language acquisition, data mining and knowledge discovery.

Groningen - Alfa-Informatica / Humanities Computing and Computational Linguistics

Hamburg - Kognitionswissenschaft / Cognitive Science : Research and publications on acquisition, representation and use of knowledge, spatial and temporal representations, visual perception and attention, language development and developmental impairments, language production and comprehension, and concepts, attitudes and information.

Hanover College - Psychology : Includes links to psychology tutorials, societies, electronic journals, software archives, and a list of psychological resources on Internet .

Helsinki - Cognitive Science : Research on cognitive psychophysiology, construction of representations from perception, and cognitive musicology. Also, an archive of introductory texts, selected articles and book reviews.

Hong Kong - Cognitive Science

Illinois - Artificial Intelligence Group : Computer and robot vision, navigational schemes, knowledge representation, automated decision systems, deductive and inductive reasoning methods, analysis and generation of natural language, cognitive modelling and simulation, robotic motion, task planning, and plan execution/error recovery schemes.

Illinois - Cognitive Science Group

In Cognito - Association des étudiants en Sciences Cognitives de Grenoble

Indiana - AI and Cognitive Science Paper Archive : Primarily papers on case-based reasoning.

Indiana - Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior : Research in sensory physiology, behavioural ecology, evolutionary biology, developmental psychobiology, animal learning, and behavioural neuroscience. Analyses of neuronal function and connections, modelling of behaviour in terms of optimization and dynamical systems, field experiments on the behaviour of free-living animals.

Indiana - Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition (CRCC) : Douglas Hofstadter: "CRCC research focuses mainly on emergent computational models of creative analogical thinking and its subcognitive substrate -- namely, fluid concepts."

Indiana - Cognitive Science

Innsbruck - Mathematics - Artificial Intelligence and Rational Aesthetics : Research on system theory, Walsh functions, differential equations, pilgrim step transformation, logic, geometry, didactics, theory of harmony of colours, artificial intelligence and rational aesthetics. Roman Rudolf Liedl.

Institut des Sciences Cognitives (ISC), Lyon : Research on philosophy of mind, language science, neural organisation of language, word recognition, face recognition, neural networks, action representation, emotion, neural organisation of spatially oriented movement, cortical circuits for goal-oriented movement, modelling learning processes, and functional brain mapping.

Institut Dalle Molle d'Intelligence Artificielle Perceptive (IDIAP), Valais : Research on neural networks, computer vision, logic programming, optical character recognition, speaker verification and identification, speech recognition, uncertainty management in expert systems and other areas.

Institute for Language Technology and Artificial Intelligence (ITK) / Instituut voor Taal en Kennistechnologie, Tilburg

Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), Amsterdam

International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) : Research and publications on artificial intelligence applications of massive parallelism, with emphasis on structured connectionism. Applications in vision, geometric structures and algorithms, speech, knowledge representation and learning.

InterPsych : A non-profit voluntary organisation to promote interdisciplinary research and intervention in psychopathology. Offers e-mail newsletter, scholarly electronic conferences and real-time conferences. An on-line journal is planned. Maintained by Milton Huang at the University of Michigan.

Iowa - Artificial Intelligence Research Group : Vasant Honavar and others, principally on symbolic/connectionist systems. Research papers available online.

Istituto Dalle Molle di Studi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale (IDSIA), Lugano Research on AI tools, robotics (execution, planning and learning of sensor-based activities), knowledge discovery, artificial life, linguistics and second language learning, reinforcement learning, evolutionary computation, neural networks and other areas.

Japanese Cognitive Science Society

Kaiserslautern - Algorithmic Learning Group : Research on algorithmic learning, computational learning, inductive inference, AI and other topics.

Karlsruhe/Pittsburgh - Interactive Systems Laboratories : Research on human-machine and human-human communication, with projects on speech translation, spelling recognition, face tracking, focus of attention, lip reading, sound localization and enhancement, gesture-speech integration, eye-gaze tracking and on-line cursive handwriting recognition.

Kawato Dynamic Brain Project : Research on computational neurobiology, computational psychology and computational learning.

Korean Society for Cognitive Science (KSCS) - English or Korean

Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique (LSCP), Paris : Research on linguistic and numerical abilities in neonates and adults, through experimental psychology and neuropsychology. Jacques Mehler.

Lancaster - Linguistics : Includes links to internal and external NLP-related sites.

Lancaster - Psychology

Lancaster - Unit for Computer Research on the English Language (UCREL)

Leibniz Laboratory - Systèmes Cognitifs / Cognitive Systems : Cognitive systems - investigation, modelling and implementation of cognitive abilities such as knowledge representation, reasoning, perception, action, learning and language - and interdisciplinary research on neural networks, probabilistic models and genetic algorithms in robotics and AI, multi-agent systems and other areas.

Latin American Psychology Network (RedePsi)

Leeds - Psychology

Leeds - Psychology - Speech Laboratory : Research in speech recognition, speech synthesis and speech production modelling, speech corpora, machine-readable dictionaries, auditory grouping and other areas. Provides FTP access to the MAchine Readable Spoken English Corpus (MARSEC) and a bulletin board for its users.

Linguist Mailing List

Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) : An open consortium of universities, companies and government research laboratories which creates, collects and distributes speech and text databases, lexicons, and other resources for research and development purposes.

Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LAGB)

London-Birkbeck College - Applied Linguistics

London-Birkbeck College - Psychology

London-School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) - Linguistics : Includes SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics and Phonetics online.

London-University College (UCL) - Centre for Cognitive Science : Information on UCL's interdisciplinary undergraduate cognitive science degrees, and related resources including an introductory textbook written by members of the teaching staff.

London-University College (UCL) - Human Communication Science : Research on speech and language.

London-University College (UCL) - Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (ICN) : Directed by Tim Shallice.

London-University College (UCL) - Phonetics and Linguistics :

London-University College (UCL) - Psychology :

London-University College (UCL) - Survey of English Usage : Research on an international corpus of English, patterns of clause relationships in spoken English, hypertext help for corpus annotation, and software development.

Lund - Cognitive Science (LUCS) : Research and publications on evolutionary processes, conceptual spaces, robots with autonomous spatial learning, conceptual engineering and focus movements, vision and discourse, neural vision, categorization and recognition of biological motion, natural intelligence in artificial creatures, category learning and other topics. Peter Gardenfors, Christian Balkenius and others.

Manchester - Artificial Intelligence Group : Knowledge representation, reasoning, natural language, memory, learning and neural networks.

Massachusetts (UMass) - Natural Language Processing Laboratory : Research in sentence analysis, discourse analysis, corpus-driven text comprehension and information extraction. NLP software available.

Max-Planck-Institut für Psychologische Forschung, Muenchen / Max Planck Institute for Psychological Research : Research and bibliographies on behavioural and cognitive development, cognition and action, and adaptive behaviour and cognition.

McDonnell-Pew Program in Cognitive Neuroscience : International research funding program established jointly by the James S. McDonnell Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trusts.

McGill - Cognitive Science Centre

McGill - Laboratory for Natural and Simulated Cognition : Research and publications on connectionist modelling of cognitive development, interactions between knowledge and learning, techniques for analyzing knowledge representations in neural nets, and cognitive consistency phenomena in social psychology. Thomas Shultz.

McGill - Psychology

Medical Research Council (MRC) - Applied Psychology Unit (APU)

Medical Research Council (MRC) - Cognitive Development Unit (CDU)

Michigan - Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

Microsoft Research - Natural Languages Group

Microsoft Research - Speech Technology Group

MIT - Brain and Cognitive Sciences : Research on molecular and cellular neurobiology, systems neuroscience, cognitive science, computation and cognitive neuroscience.

MIT - Brain and Cognitive Sciences - Cognitive Science : Research on psycholinguistics, visual perception and cognition, concepts and reasoning, cognitive development, and neurological impairment. Robert Berwick, Susan Carey, Michael Jordan, Steven Pinker and others.

MIT - Brain and Cognitive Sciences - Cognitive Neuroscience

MIT - Brain and Cognitive Sciences - Perceptual Science Group : Research in human visual perception, machine vision, image processing, motion analysis, stereopsis, perceptual organization, and perceptual similarity.

MIT - Information and Computation - Noam Chomsky

MIT - Media Laboratory - Research Groups : Research and publications on epistemology and learning, gesture and narrative language, machine listening, machine understanding, software agents, spatial imaging, vision and modelling and many other topics.

Natural Language Software Registry (NLSR) : Concise summary of the capabilities and sources of academic, commercial and proprietary language processing software available to researchers.

Neuropsychology Central : Comprehensive guide to neuropsychology-related resources on WWW, maintained by Jeffrey Browndyke.

New Mexico - Computing Research Laboratory : Papers and other resources in computational linguistics and natural language processing.

New South Wales - Artificial Intelligence : Research in cognitive science, control applications, knowledge acquisition, machine learning, multi-agent problem solving, natural language understanding, neural networks, qualitative methods, robotics, vision and pattern recognition.

North Carolina-Chapel Hill - Computer Science - Neural Networks and Vision : Research on neural network models of visual perception.

Northeastern - Language and Cognition

Northeastern - Psychology : Research on behavioral neuroscience, language and cognition, personality and social psychology, sensation and perception, and other areas. Includes well-organised PsyLink resource list.

Northwestern - Institute for the Learning Sciences (ILS)

Northwestern - Linguistics

Northwestern - Psychology and Cognitive Science : Plus information on other psychology servers.

Nottingham - Artificial Intelligence Research Group Research and papers on knowledge-based systems, knowledge acquisition, autonomous agents, intelligent tutoring systems, planning, natural language understanding, cognitive modelling and associated tools, evolutionary simulation, adaptive behaviour, and artificial life.

Nottingham - Cognitive Modelling and Associated Tools

Nottingham - Natural Language Understanding

Nottingham - Psychology

Ohio - Center for Cognitive Science

Open University - Human Cognition Research Laboratory : Basic and applied research in AI, knowledge engineering, cognitive science, and HCI (particularly program visualization).

Oregon - Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences : Research on cognitive neuroscience, emotion, language, attention, sound and visual perception, human performance and motor control, conceptual and linguistic representation, cognitive and linguistic development, first and second language acquisition, discourse processing, social cognition and decision making. Online events, newsletter and publications.

Oregon - Psychology : Research and references on cognitive neuroscience, attention, motor control, computational and neural models of visual perception, language and cognitive development, memory, social psychology, affective disorders, theory of mind, and other topics.

Oregon Graduate Institute (OGI) - Center for Spoken Language Understanding (CSLU) : Research and publications on signal processing, telephony, speech and hearing science, speech recognition, pattern classification, combinatorial search, linguistics, natural language understanding and dialogue modelling. Also online speech tools and speech corpora.

Osnabrück - International Programme in Cognitive Science

Oxford - McDonnell-Pew Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience : Research on sensory representation, memory formation, motor programming, language and attention as well as philosophical approaches to cognition. Organises seminars, workshops, summer schools and conferences.

Pearl Street : Cognitive Science Course Materials : Undergraduate and graduate course materials, and a cognitive science dictionary . Maintained by Mike Dawson and David Medler at the University of Alberta.

Pennsylvania - Institute for Research in Cognitive Science (IRCS) : U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) Science and Technology Center for Research in Cognitive Science. Interdisciplinary research linking computer and information science, linguistics, mathematical logic, neuroscience, philosophy and psychology. Main focus on language structure, processing and acquisition, perception and action, and logic and computation.

Pennsylvania - Linguistics

Pennsylvania - Psychology

Pôle Rhone-Alpes des Sciences de la Cognition (PRASC)

Positions in Psychology : A worldwide register of academic positions, maintained at the Australian National University (ANU).

Princeton - Cognitive Science Laboratory : Includes link to WordNet, an online lexical database. Philip Johnson-Laird and George Miller.

PsycGrad Project : An information resource for graduate students in psychology.

PsyLink : Well-organised list of psychology resources on WWW maintained at Northeastern University.

Psych Web

Psychological Online Documents

Psychological Online Documents - Cognitive and Experimental Psychology

Psychological Resources

Queensland (UQ) - Cognitive Science Association

Queensland (UQ) - Cognitive Science Program

Queensland (UQ) - Cognitive Science Research Group : Research and publications in cognitive science, optimization, learning dynamics, cognitive neuropsychology, pattern representations, learning and systematicity, game playing, and connectionist methodology.

Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction : Introductory textbook on reinforcement learning by Richard Sutton and Andrew Barto (1998). The book is published by MIT Press, and a full on-line version is also available. Topics covered include evaluative feedback, the agent-environment interface, goals and rewards, the Markov property, Markov decision processes, optimal value functions, dynamic programming, Monte Carlo methods, temporal difference learning, eligibility traces, generalization and function approximation, planning and learning.

RELATOR - Natural Language Processing Resources : Information about internal and external NLP resources, including speech and text corpora, lexicons, NLP programs and tools, and related databases and systems.

Rice - Sociology and Psychology : Gopher menu of global resources.

Rochester - Brain and Cognitive Sciences : Research on brain changes during sensitive periods for learning, neurotransmitters and the developing nervous system, hormonal influences on the development of the nervous system, experience and the development of perceptual-motor systems, mechanisms underlying the acquisition of language, mechanisms underlying the comprehension of language, modularity in cognitive function and the brain, electrophysiological indicators of cognitive function, sensory and perceptual modulation of reflexive behaviours, fundamental limits to vision, serial organization of vision, and modularity in visual function.

Rochester - Center for Visual Science : Interdisciplinary research from brain and cognitive sciences, computer science, neurobiology and anatomy, neurology and ophthalmology.

Rochester - Cognitive Science Program

Rochester - Computer Science (URCS) - Artificial Intelligence : Research projects include natural language dialogue and interactive planning, speech and dialogue, and knowledge representation tools.

Rochester - Computer Science (URCS) - AI Technical Reports : Planning, knowledge representation, temporal reasoning, discourse, natural language processing, cognitive modelling, genetic algorithms, reinforcement learning, vision, speech recognition, neural networks, supervised and unsupervised learning, embodiment, object recognition and other topics. James Allen, Dana Ballard, Graeme Hirst et al.

Rochester - Linguistics

Rochester - Psychology

Rutgers - Center for Cognitive Science (RuCCS) : Research and publications on cognitive development, visual perception, visual attention, linguistic theory, language processing, language and cognition.

Rutgers - Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience (CMBN) : Including research on neural basis of language development, visual perception and many related topics.

Rutgers - Cognitive Development Laboratory : Research on the cognitive capacities and development of infants, preschool children, and children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as Down's syndrome and autism. Alan Leslie.

Rutgers - Linguistics

Rutgers - Psychology

Rutgers - Vision Research Laboratory : Research on stereoscopic and occlusion perception, apparent motion, texture segregation and modelling, the role of attention in visual tasks, models for spacial and motion perception, human factors, learning processes for perception tasks, sharpness perception in color, and image compression based on human visual performance.

Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) / International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste - Cognitive Neuroscience

Sheffield - Institute for Language, Speech and Hearing (ILASH) : Research on information extraction, information retrieval, natural language processing, auditory modelling, artificial intelligence, linguistics, speech science, speech technology, computational psychology and neural networks.

Sheffield - Psychology : Research on learning (especially dyslexia), tactile maps, AI vision, and social and applied psychology.

Society for Mathematical Psychology

Southampton - Centre for Research into Psychological Development : Research on developmental and behavioural dysfunction in children, paediatric psychology, and development and adjustment in elderly people.

Southampton - Cognitive Sciences Centre and Cognitive Psychology Laboratory : Research on symbol grounding, categorical perception, category learning, discrimination and related computational paradigms. Also, an external CSC speaker series.

Southampton - Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory : Research on aging and cognition, recognition and spatial processing in perception and imagery, computational analyses, and philosophical and theoretical issues.

Southampton - E-Print, Psycholoquy and BBS Archives : Research and publications by Stevan Harnad, links to the Behavioral & Brain Sciences and Psycoloquy journals, "hypermail discussion" archives, and bibliographies on categorical perception, learning, evolution of language and other topics.

Southampton - Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems (ISIS) Research Group : Research and publications on control and intelligent systems, neural networks and neurofuzzy systems (learning laws, network construction algorithms, data pre-processing techniques), speech processing and speech acoustics (speech recognition, speech synthesis, auditory modelling), and computer vision and image processing (feature extraction, face recognition).

Southampton - Psychology

Speech Technology on the Web

SRI International - Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC) : Research in natural language, perception, representation and reasoning.

Stanford - Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI)

Stanford - Linguistics

Stanford - Psychology

Stirling - Centre for Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience (CCCN) : Research in cognitive neuropsychology, genetic algorithms, neural networks, artificial life, visual and auditory perception, perception of music, synaesthesia, and computer vision.

Stuttgart - Institute for Natural Language Processing : Research in syntax, semantics, logic, computational linguistics, experimental phonetics.

SUNY Binghamton - Philosophy and Computers and Cognitive Sciences (PACCS)

SUNY Buffalo - Center for Cognitive Science (CCS) : Research in discourse and narrative, spoken language, semantic networks, vision, cognitive neurosciences and neurolinguistics, conceptual structure. Ordering information for technical reports.

Surrey - Artificial Intelligence Group : Research on connectionist simulation of linguistic and numerical development (both innate and environmentally related processes) and other AI topics.

Surrey - Vision, Speech and Signal Processing Group (CVSSP) : Research on computer vision, image analysis, image communication, multimedia systems, speech processing, and signal detection.

Sussex - Computing and Cognitive Sciences (COGS) : Interdisciplinary research in AI, philosophy, psychology and linguistics.

Sussex - Cognitive Science Research Papers

Tilburg - Institute for Language Technology and Artificial Intelligence (ITK) : Research projects, papers, information on international conferences.

Toronto - Cognitive Robotics : Yves Lesperance, Hector Levesque

Trieste - Psychology : Research, publications and symposia on perception and cognition, especially occlusion and lightness.

Twente - Parlevink Linguistic Engineering Group : Research on a prototype dialogue system, language specification, parsing, semantics, pragmatics, the use of neural networks, genetic algorithms, cellular automata and fuzzy logic in language and information engineering, and related topics.

Utrecht Institute of Linguistics (OTS)

Wales-Bangor - Electronic Engineering and Computer Systems - Cognition as Compression : Research on computing and cognition as forms of information compression. Gerry Wolff.

Wales-Bangor - Electronic Engineering and Computer Systems - Language Learning as Compression : Research and computational modelling of first language acquisition as a form of information compression. Gerry Wolff.

Warwick - Psychology

Washington - Philosophy/Neuroscience/Psychology : Research papers on cognitive science, connectionism, representation, learning, language, consiousness, philosophy of science.

Western Australia - Centre for Intelligent Information Processing Systems (CIIPS) : Research on artificial neural networks, syntactic pattern recognition, biomedical engineering and image/speech processing.

Western Ontario - Cognitive Modelling and Machine Learning : Publications on symbolic modelling of cognitive tasks, inductive logic programming (ILP), and other topics in machine learning. Charles Ling.

Yale - Linguistics

Yale - Neuropsychology

Yale - Psychology

York - Psychology : Research on behavioural neuroscience, cognitive neuropsychology , developmental psychology, sensory and perceptual-motor processes and other topics.

Zurich (UNIZH) - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory : Interdisciplinary research and publications on the study of intelligence in natural and artificial systems, specialising in situated design and autonomous agent design. Neural network-based, biologically inspired robots. Rolf Pfeifer.

Zurich - Computational Linguistics Group

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